Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy one year anniversary, Te Awa!

Common Bully Female. By Angela Fox.
A year ago, Te Manawa’s exhibition about the Manawatu River opened and this exhibition was the first of its kind at this institution because it incorporates live animals, or as we like to call them – live exhibits! We keepers have learned a lot since taking on the daily care of cave weta, tree frogs, and several types of native fish – some of the knowledge was passed down from our expert consultants, but most was on the job learning. Possibly our most successful component is the large 5000 litre native fish tank, where we have nearly every aquatic resident that started off the exhibition last year as well as several recent additions that have happily integrated into the tank.

We would like to kick our blogging into first gear now in order to share what we’ve learned about our animals in the past year, provide more information about the animals on display, and give an up close view of what it’s like to be an Animal Keeper at Te Manawa. Please feel free to post any questions you might have so that we can look at answering them in upcoming posts.

Happy reading!

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