Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Welcome to our new arrivals

Meet Hasselhoff, one of the new bell frogs in Te Awa exhibition. Photo: Erica Prier

You may have noticed recently that the 'Coming Soon' sign is out and the newest residents of Te Awa are in! Two enclosures in the Conservatory are now full of plants and one of these now has 5 little bell frogs. These guys had only just grown out of their tadpole stage when we put them in the enclosure so they are still quite small, but they will soon be growing several times bigger over the next few months.

Can you spot the frog in this picture? Photo: Erica Prier.

Bell frogs come in a variety of green and brown shades so they camoflauge very well amongst the plants and leaf litter. One of their favourite places to hang out is at the base of the pepper trees or even basking on the leaves. A few of the more bold members of the group love to hang out near the water, earning two of them the name of 'The Hasselhoffs'.

Hasselhoff just after spraying the enclosure. Photo: Erica Prier.

If you're having trouble spotting the frogs, come along to our public feeding on Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm and one of the Keepers can help you locate them. In the meantime, we'll keep fattening them up with crickets, fruit flies and mealworms!

P.S. If you're wondering what is going in the other enclosure in the conservatory, we'll be posting about that soon!

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